Job Application Tips!

When it comes time to find an internship, it's important that you can send a complete, relevant and strong resume with you to your new sustainable internship placement. But how do you make a good CV? To help you on your way to a (sustainable) internship, here are some tips:


  1. Use a professional format that makes your resume structured and uncluttered. Tip: Canva has many (free) templates to choose from!
  2. A strong summary about you as a professional and what energizes you! Tip: add this to your LinkedIn profile as well.
  3. Don't forget to show your personality! Your resume should reflect you as a potential new colleague. So put your interests, hobbies, volunteer work on your resume as well.

Terms explained! What are SDGs, B Corps, Sustainability and CSR?

You see them come up, a number of sustainable terms. If you go looking for information on sustainability you will come across a lot of these different abbreviations and terms. But what do they actually mean?