Sustainable internships with impact

Students are the makers, managers and decision-makers of tomorrow. And they know that things must and can be done differently: more sustainable, fairer and more inclusive. More and more young talents want to work for a company that not only talks about sustainability, but actually does something about it. And that starts with a sustainable internship.

The internship period is the perfect time to introduce students to forward-thinking companies working on the 17 SDGs. This way they learn in practice what the 17 SDGs mean and how they themselves can have an impact on them. Not only today, but also in the rest of their careers.

SDGs On Internship helps students find sustainable internships. We provide an overview of sustainable internships with impact throughout the Netherlands.

For companies

Is your company building the transition to a sustainable economy? Then your sustainable internship vacancies should not be missing from SDGs On Stage. We offer...

  • a free platform for your sustainable internship jobs
  • motivated students who want to make a difference
  • an opportunity to profile yourself as a forward-looking employer and work on employer branding

An initiative of the Dutch universities of applied sciences

SDGs On Stage emerged from the SDG network of all colleges in the Netherlands and is supported by the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences. Their mission: to integrate sustainable development goals into every student's career. SDGs On Stage was developed several years ago by DuurzaamBedrijfsleven, the business platform for successful sustainable entrepreneurship. As of July 2022, Learning for Tomorrow and adopted the website. Coöperatie Leren voor Morgen consists of a group of cooperating organizations. As a network, they are committed to learning for sustainable development: inside and outside education and from toddler to professional. The goal of Leren voor Morgen is to embed sustainability in the DNA of education. is the job platform for sustainable vacancies in the Netherlands. After students are introduced to a sustainable internship, they can use this platform to make a sustainable start with their career by starting in a sustainable job after their studies. The goal of is that every job becomes a sustainable job, thus future-proofing government and business!
By connecting students, education and business in a sustainable internship, together we can achieve the 17 SDGs by 2030.

5 Tips for a Good CV

If you are thinking about a new internship, it is important that you have a complete, relevant and strong CV to send to your future employer. But how do you make a good CV? To help you on your way to a (sustainable) internship, we give you 5 tips for a good CV.