Thesis research: What is the impact of circularity for Aqua+'s facilities?

Internship Description

Every year we welcome new interns and you may soon be one of them. We would like to show you what it is like to be part of our special family business.

Within Aqua+ there are always several assignments available for students, who are looking for an internship or graduation place. This can be for a technical education, but also students of other disciplines can come to us. There are currently about 10 interns working at our beautiful family business.

The following research question emerged from our QHSE department:

Main question: What is the impact of circularity for Aqua+'s facilities?

Circularly designed and installed fire protection systems are considered very important by more and more clients. It is playing an increasing role in our daily work as our systems are increasingly a part of a circular building. How do we as an organization respond to this and what adjustments need to be made to make this possible?

This research is focused on our sprinkler systems and fire alarm systems. So you must be attracted to installation technology because this is what you will have to deal with during your internship. We would like you to spend at least one day a week at our office, but preferably more to establish a connection with your colleagues. Because that is who we are at the time of your internship with us! Of course you also need time to write your research at home in peace, we understand this like the best.

What you get from us:

  • An instructive, challenging assignment that we really do something with!
  • Plenty of room for self-development
  • Nice colleagues who are eager to help you
  • Obviously a nice internship stipend

What will you find at Aqua+?

+ Rudolph Walhof Foundation through which we support charities every year;
+ Fresh fruit at the offices as well as on the construction site;
+ Aqua+ is completely CO2 neutral;
+ All (electric) cars and buses are in-house;
+ Summer BBQs, spectacular corporate parties and legendary Christmas get-togethers;
+ An active staff association;
+ Open door policy. You can ask questions and make mistakes! After all, that's what makes us better together!
And we are proud of that!

Is this the thesis research for you?

Then send your CV and motivation to If you have any questions, feel free to send an email or contact Michelle Endeman, Corporate recruiter, at 06-21905657.

  • 1-2-2022
  • 30-6-2022
  • 5-12-2022
  • You will most likely encounter the following issues:
    - Industry, innovation and infrastructure
    - Responsible consumption and production
    - Fair work and economic growth
    - Affordable and Sustainable Energy.

  • 32-40
  • HBO Technical Business Administration / BK5 / Architecture
  • yes