Brand & Marketing at Tierrafino

Internship Description

Internship Vacancy: Working internship in the Marketing Department at Tierrafino
About Tierrafino
Tierrafino, pioneer in the production of clay stucco and paint in the Netherlands, offers a unique
We offer an internship for ambitious HBO-WO students. We are looking for a driven
intern who has a passion for sustainability and wants to contribute to shaping
and execute impactful marketing strategies.
Job Description
As an intern in the Marketing department at Tierrafino, you will collaborate in the implementation of the
online and offline strategy for our various audiences. Consider the
content strategy for architects, campaigns for plasterers and market research. In short,
A versatile role where you will have the opportunity to use your creative and strategic skills in
set and develop in a dynamic and growing industry.
What we offer
● An instructive cooperative internship in an inspiring environment less than 15 minutes away
bikes from Amsterdam Central.
● Lunch with our team every afternoon.
● Room for personal development and own initiative.
● An (above) competitive internship stipend.
● Collaborate on challenging projects at least 3 days a week.
● In addition to obviously being allowed to join our trainings for professionals and
DIYers also get your own Tierrafino Clay Kit! So after (or during) your
internship period you can turn your dorm or parents' house into a showroom!
Your profile:
● You are pursuing an HBO or WO degree in Marketing, Business or a
related field.
● You have excellent communication skills in both English and Dutch and
a good pen.
● You are interested in (online) marketing and branding.
● Social and environmental justice are values you care about.
● You are wildly curious about how the world works.
Application process
Have you become enthusiastic and do you see yourself as our new intern(s)? Then send your CV and
motivation explaining why you are the perfect candidate for this internship. You may
decide for yourself how to do it: a letter by carrier pigeon, personal website, documentary.
As long as we get it in by December 20, 2023. We look forward to your application!

  • 29-11-2023
  • 29-11-2024
  • 20-12-2023
  • 1: we are a steward owned company! The growing gap between rich and poor is primarily because of how we have instituted the concept of ownership within the economy. Through the steward ownership form, we do not contribute to that growing gap. The earth belongs to itself!


    3: Our materials are 100% natural and have a proven positive impact on human health. This is in contrast to alternative such as lime and cementitious products.


    13: The C02 print of our chain is many times smaller than that of alternative products. How much smaller exactly? We are investigating that. But since energy requirements are minimal, raw materials come from Europe and no toxic materials are used, we dare to say that we have been the most sustainable kid in the class for 30 years.

    During your internship, you will contribute to increasing Tierrafino's impact by executing a marketing and brand strategy with the goal of achieving greater awareness and mental availability of our brand and more physical availability of our products.



  • 32-40
  • WW
  • yes