Digital Regreening Analyst Intern

Internship Description

We are looking for a proactive and ambitious intern to join our Digital Regreening team. The focus of this internship will be on QA testing, analyzing and enhancing the quality of our soon-to-be-launched mobile application for smallholder farmers in Africa.


Justdiggit is a fast growing non-profit organization which restores degraded ecosystems in Africa by making dry lands green again with a positive impact on climate, nature, and people.

To be able to reach our goal of scaling our impact to 350 million farmers by 2030 we are building a Digital Regreening platform of which an app is the most important building block. We use this platform to educate and activate farmers to apply effective regreening methods.


You will play a role in ensuring our application meets the highest standards of quality, usability, and technical excellence. This will help make regreening dry and degraded land accessible for everyone!


  • Currently pursuing a Bachelor's or Master's degree in IT, Multimedia Design or a related field. Strong interest in or experience with data, quantitative analysis and technical testing.
  • Excellent analytical skills and attention to detail.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Knowledge of analytics tools such as Google Analytics, spreadsheets or any other BI tools.
  • Experience with software quality assurance practices is required.
  • Proficiency in a programming language is desirable but not necessary. 


You will be part of the Digital Regreening Team. Consisting of different nationalities and backgrounds, the team currently works on building and launching an educational app and improving a website tool focussed on farmers in Africa. Your role will be instrumental in learning all that we can to optimise our impact.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Conduct quantitative analysis to assess the app's and other digital channels performance and usability.
  2. Perform technical testing to identify areas of improvement.
  3. Work closely with our Digital PO to implement changes and improvements based on your analysis.
  4. Provide insights to our content development team to improve the educational content in the app and other digital regreening tools. 
  5. Document findings and present recommendations for further enhancements.
  6. Create dashboards and data visualizations/models to map opportunities.


Besides a really diverse job (not a single day is the same!) and making an important contribution to a great mission, we have more to offer you:

  • The opportunity to be part of a dynamic, fast-growing organization making a real difference in Africa.
  • Hands-on experience in the field of application development and quality assurance.
  • Mentoring and guidance from experienced professionals in the tech industry.
  • A learning environment that encourages curiosity and innovation.
  • Work in the city center of Amsterdam, with the possibility of working from home. 
  • Great colleagues! 
  • Internship allowance of €300, - based on 40 hours per week. Free lunches at the office. 


If you believe you are the right fit for this role and are excited about the opportunity to make a difference, please share your resume and a brief cover letter explaining why you are interested in this position and what makes you a strong candidate to

Preferable start date September 1st

The application deadline is August 1st

To learn more about our mission and our current regreening projects, take a look at

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  • 1-8-2023
  • Justdiggit makes dry lands green again at scale to positively impact climate, nature and people. In order to scale up our regreening projects in Africa we work closely together with businesses all around the globe who support our mission: Cooling down the planet!

    Our work and impact can be expressed in 8 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and fits into nearly all ESG strategies.

  • 32-40
  • HBO or WO
  • yes