Enthusiastic student of (social) entrepreneurship wanted!

Internship Description

Are you a third- or fourth-year student looking for a cool internship for your studies in (Social) Entrepreneurship or other fields in which you combine entrepreneurship with social impact? Then read on now!

Stichting Stadsgarage is an innovation platform for Haarlem businesses. In collaboration with experts, knowledge institutions, municipalities and other parties in the region, we carry out projects in the areas of circular entrepreneurship, energy transition and neighborhood economy. In this way, Stadsgarage helps entrepreneurs create the new products and services that tomorrow's economy demands.

This internship offers you the chance to work in an environment where making social impact is at least as important as making money. Here you can quickly expand your network and explore which social issue suits you best. In the past, the City Garage has also offered successful internships to students from a variety of backgrounds such as public administration, commercial economics, applied psychology or marketing and communications. A very free role is waiting for you!

What can you expect from us?

  • A nice, hybrid internship in Haarlem where you will receive appropriate guidance and an internship fee;
  • The space to really have something to contribute and develop ideas alone or in collaboration with others;
  • The chance to participate in different projects to find out which social issue suits you best;
  • The tools to work on business activities that you can later apply in any business;
  • The time to work on the research/implementation/etc. required from your training;
  • The opportunity to become part of the permanent core of the City Garage team after your internship period.

Who are you?

  • A third- or fourth-year (Social) Entrepreneurship student;
  • Ó or a student from another study background who really sees this opportunity;
  • You are looking for an internship for at least five months, at least 24 hours per week;
  • You live in (near) the Kennemerland region, so you are "in the middle" of the network or are willing to travel a bit longer.

Are you interested in talking about this internship position? You can! Then send an email today to bob@stichtingstadsgarage.nl See you soon!

  • bob@stichtingstadsgarage.nl
  • 1-2-2023
  • 15-2-2023
  • The City Garage distinguishes itself with its knowledge and experience to shape multistakeholder projects in a local context. We do this by connecting different parties in short or longer-term programs around a common theme that contributes to achieving the 17 global sustainability goals. SDG 17 - strengthening cooperation between parties - runs like a thread through our work. We would like to talk with you to further coordinate which SDGs you would like to contribute to and which concrete interpretation of the internship best suits your interests and learning goals. You can read more about the City Garage and the SDGs we are working on here.

  • 24 or more
  • yes