Innofest is looking for a project assistant!

Internship Description

Innofest is looking for an intern project officer starting February 1, 2023 to support us in testing startups at festivals. The internship is for 3 or 4 days a week and the internship assignment is for 6 months. Please apply before November 14, 09:00!

As a project assistant intern, you will walk along and help make sure the projects are structured. You will interact with our entrepreneurs once they are selected and thus learn a lot about their innovations. You will learn how to make a schedule and discuss it with the team members. In addition, you are not to be missed at our festivals and living labs, so you can experience real-world testing. Our team of eight colleagues work closely together and see each other 2 days a week. Of which 1 day in Amsterdam and 1 day in Leeuwarden.

> You have an interest in sustainability, entrepreneurship and innovation;
> You like overview and are structured. Perhaps you have already worked with a CRM system (we work with Airtable);
> You are socially and communicatively strong;
> You can work independently, but also ask for help when you can't figure it out;
> You are willing to intern sometimes during weekends (festivals are on weekends).

> You are good in Dutch and English in word and writing;
> You are adept at making contact via email or phone with people outside the team to get the information you are looking for.

> An internship for 3 or 4 days a week for a period of 6 months (so you get the whole festival season), of which you will be in the office 2 days a week. We have an office in Amsterdam and in Leeuwarden. The other day(s) you work from home;
> A dynamic job that combines entrepreneurship, sustainable innovation and festivals;
> You will be introduced to our innovation and sustainability network and remain a part of it;
> Please note that this is not a graduate internship, but a walk-in internship;
> The internship fee is E 500, - per month based on 40 hours per week. Plus travel allowance, expense allowance and telephone allowance.

Inadequate testing of a prototype costs entrepreneurs a lot of time, money and energy. Because it is important that innovations with social impact enter the market effectively and successfully, Innofest helps entrepreneurs design a pilot and then links them to a test location. Previously, these were only festivals - because they are a temporary mini-society within which to test well - but from March 2020, we will also offer other living labs, such as campsites.

Is this something for you? We are curious as to why you want to do an internship at Innofest. Tell us concisely why you want to do this with us, what you want to learn with us and what you will offer us. Apply before November 14, 09:00 am 2022 by sending an email to and hopefully we can start working together soon!

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  • At Innofest, we help impact entrepreneurs. So that can relate to all the SDGs.

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