Marketing Communications, graduate internship with profit sharing

Internship Description

We are a start-up in the circular economy.
Specializing in creative reuse in interior design.
(zzp-er with help from MBO and HBO interns) and can accommodate interns and graduates who want to earn 10% revenue by further developing and winning assignments. There is also the option of staying on as a business partner for mutual benefit.

We already work with major brands in the (interior) industry but want to grow. Let's help each other and share knowledge.

1. want to help design sustainable products from interior waste streams.
2. Be able to promote project design based on reuse, so piece of sales, commercial economy
3. Set up events tav educational and creative workshops where we share knowledge and materials from waste streams from the interior industry.
4. AV follow up/improve
5. Social Media follow up/improve
6. Setting up a web shop

  • 20230101
  • 20231231
  • 31-03-2023
  • We focus on 5 SDGs see

  • 8-24 hours
  • MBO creative industries and circular economy
  • yes