Marketing & communications | Internship at distillery of gin & rum

Dutch Organic Spirits BV

Leiden, Netherlands

Internship Description

Gin, history & conviviality

Come intern at Secret Spirits! We make spirits based on historical stories - it started in 2018 in Leiden with Goeie Mie gin, named after "the Leiden Poisoner" who in the late 19th century went down in history as Holland's greatest serial killer after it turned out she poisoned 100 fellow townsfolk with arsenic. We are currently busy developing a 0.0 version, rums based on the story of double spy Mata Hari and much more. The fusion of history & conviviality is very important - the story is reflected in the ingredients, so are the word jokes & marketing strategy.

Are you looking for an internship in a fast-growing and fun beverage company? Then we are looking for you!

What will you do?

You will work in the day-to-day operations, but will also be given the space to carry out your own project. In marketing & communication, you will focus on our online communications, packaging materials, coming up with promotions and participating in trade fairs and events. In consultation, we will see which tasks suit you best. You will work together with our own team, our marketing agency and designers.

  • Helping out in our "Disciplinary House": giving distilling workshops and tastings;
  • Develop promotional materials for trade shows and booths at festivals;
  • Collaborate on our social media plan and content calendar;
  • In consultation, initiate and execute a project focused on branding;
  • Keeping track of your own work administratively as well.

Where do you work?

Our place of employment is 'Het Tuchthuis' in Leiden, where the workshops also take place. Of course, you will also be on the road, and you may be able to work some internship days remotely.

What can you expect from us

  • An internship allowance of 300 euros per month, expense allowance negotiable;
  • The most sociable Friday afternoon drinks;
  • Flexible working hours, making it easy to combine with a side job;
  • We will take you to the best visits, events and parties;
  • A cozy and close-knit team
  • Space to come up with your own fun projects.


Basically, we are open to all fields of study; we ourselves come from history to electrical engineering. Of course, you must enjoy immersing yourself in the product, and that's not just the Friday afternoon drinks, but getting to know the history behind Goeie Mie or Mata Hari!

  • Enterprising and active - you will fit into a fast-growing organization;
  • Social, proactive and with a smooth talk;
  • Experience in the hospitality industry is helpful;
  • You enjoy immersing yourself in cocktails;
  • You speak and write English well in addition to Dutch.


From January 2022, we have two spots available, for a minimum of four months. If you would like to apply in advance for another term, you can do so as well.

  • 31-1-2022
  • We work on drinks with a mission: a cool historical story, but also in our ingredients. For example, our Goeie Mie gin is entirely organic, and we source bottles, labels and all our wares from europe.

  • 32 - 40
  • WW
  • yes