Marketing / social media internship

Internship Description

Internship Description

MyFleury® is a cruelty-free brand menstrual underwear. Our mission? To do good. To have a positive impact, both on life of people as on the environment.

MyFleury® is an innovative startup in self-developed sustainable menstrual underwear. The brand has a strong social drive. It is not only about menstrual underwear but also about zero-waste, high-tech recycling/circularity, health, education, equal rights and menstrual poverty alleviation.

MyFleury is basically there for every stage of life: from first menstruation to menopause. Currently, the communication has a strong focus on (young) adults. In the future, there is a desire to focus on pregnant women for use after delivery (post-partum) and teenagers.

The webshop and social media channels were launched in November 2022 for the Dutch and Belgian markets. Before that, the focus has been on product development (research & development). The ambitions are now, after the launch and the first market results, to update the marketing plan and establish a marketing calendar to put the brand firmly on the map. Lots of openness to new ways, creative freedom, innovation and collaborations. Willingness to think big/out of the box and make real impact. Let's go for it!

Spearheaded activities focus on e-commerce and content management, including content creation, email marketing, organization of online and offline sales and PR events and sustainable collaborations.


  • Content (co-)creation at the product level, but also in broader terms related to the brand such as women's health, equality, sustainability.

  • Simple video and photo editing. Print design control/tuning with Graphic Designer.

  • Support in shaping collaborations with sustainable partners 

  • Involved in creating/following marketing plan.
  • Marketing activities: newsletter, webshop texts, event assistance


  • Good in Dutch and English language, writing skills.

  • Affinity with photo editing programs

  • Social media skills


In this role you get a lot of (creative) freedom but there is also a lot of involvement and active coaching. You will be actively involved in what drives an online startup in sustainable fashion. You will actively collaborate/participate with the founder and both HBO and WO educated professionals with broad working experience in working with A-brands (sales/marketing/events). Working hours and location (online/from home) negotiable.

  • 1-6-2023
  • 31-12-2023
  • You will be challenged at MyFleury® to actively contribute to a better environment. To do so, we consciously and actively work on 8 of the established 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for a better world by 2030, namely:

    GOAL 1: NO ARMOEDE: active efforts are being made to combat menstrual poverty. Several actions have already been launched for this purpose: There has been a December action and PR campaign that has been picked up by vogue, marie-claire and elle online. Collaborations have been started and will be further expanded with small online and offline events and educational projects on sustainable poverty reduction.

    GOAL 2: GOOD HEALTH AND WELFARE: Regular disposable hygiene products such as tampons and sanitary napkins are often endocrine disrupting due to the large amount of chemicals that directly touch sensitive mucous membranes, this health aspect is something you will start to pay more attention to in communication

    GOAL 5: GENDER EQUALITY: See above, countering menstrual inequality and poverty is a direct reinforcement of gender equality. It also refers to people who menstruate and not just girls/women. Cooperation will be sought with partners and municipalities for educational projects to bring menstruation as a topic out of the taboo and provide a sustainable solution to menstrual poverty.

    GOAL 11: SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY: The carbon footprint, water use and chemical pollution involved in producing, collecting and destroying disposable products is unprecedented and unnecessary. MyFleury® is made from recycled waste, processed in an environmentally friendly way to create a high-quality, reusable product.

    GOAL 12: RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION & PRODUCTION: All standards for ethical working conditions are met, the product is fully Vegan (PETA-approved), certified and free of toxins and heavy metals.

    PURPOSE13: Climate Action: MyFleury® is sustainably produced and is made entirely from recycled and biodegradable materials.

    GOAL 14: LIVE IN THE WATER: Disposable hygiene products (tampons and sanitary napkins) are No. 5 of the biggest plastic polluters in our European waters and beaches. MyFleury® makes disposable products obsolete.

    GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve goals: collaborations with ImpactHub, other sustainable partners and influencers, among others.

    Can work on your own project
    Educational level and direction of internship supervisor

    HBO communication and WO psychology
  • 8-32
  • WW
  • yes