Market Research Circularity among SMEs

Internship Description

Is circularity on the map among SMEs? What needs are there to accelerate their transition? 

If these are questions that appeal to you, will you help with our research? 

Why this assignment?

Breda Circular Foundation is committed to the transition to circularity among SMEs. In order to measure progress and to know what to focus on as a foundation, we want to conduct a baseline measurement in the form of a survey. The study should answer questions such as what circularity means to SMEs, where SMEs stand in relation to circularity, to what extent it is or should become part of their business model, and what is needed to support this transition. With this we want to determine what role Breda Circular can play and in what forms it can best be offered.

What kind of support are we looking for?

For the survey we are looking for one (or if you like to work together two students) who enjoy supporting the consultant who will do this assignment. Components are organizing and processing input from Focus Group discussions, putting out the survey to SMEs, collecting and statistically processing the results. And of course thinking along with the consultant on all parts of the survey.

Who are we looking for?

Someone who wants to support a start-up foundation, is familiar with and convinced of the importance of circularity and enjoys collecting, processing and analyzing data. 

  • Proactive
  • Experience with statistical and qualitative data processing & analysis
  • Enthusiast
  • Independent
  • Communication skills
  • Knowledge of circularity is desirable

When and how do you fulfill the assignment?

You will work closely with the consultant completing the assignment. The assignment starts as soon as possible and is expected to be completed in January. There is no compensation for this assignment, but expenses will be covered. Breda Circular does not have an office, so you will work from school or home. Once a week you will work in Breda and meet with the consultant. The arrangement of hours is flexible. Estimated number of hours: 16 per week, this may be more or less depending on the student's wishes. 

  • 16-11-2022
  • 11-2-2022
  • 23-11-2022
  • Circularity contributes to SDGs. The questionnaire will also address this; definition and perception of circularity and relationship to concepts of sustainability and SDGs

  • to be determined
  • WUR- Ir. rural development economics & Master's degree in international business
  • yes