Policy and Research Internship

Internship Description

Do you want to contribute to a better ecosystem for social enterprises? Do you like to think about the relationship between government, citizens and the market? Are you interested in economics and politics? Then Social Enterprise NL is looking for you!


What does Social Enterprise NL do? 
Social Enterprise NL is driving the growing social enterprise movement in the Netherlands. Together with more than 430 social enterprises, we are working on the social enterprise movement. Social entrepreneurs seek innovative solutions to social challenges. The goal is to create social added value: impact first! Think for example of companies such as Tony's ChocolonelyOmapostHappy TostiCyclone and Seepje

Team Policy and Research focuses on improving cooperation between governments and social entrepreneurs. We bring the exemplary position of social entrepreneurs to the attention of the government: politicians and officials at the national, provincial and municipal levels. One of our goals is that the largest 40 municipalities in the Netherlands draw up policies recognizing the importance of social entrepreneurship and encourage it further. 


Team values 

  • An organization that socially driven Is: We go to work motivated and contributing to a meaningful goal
  • An organization that has a safe environment offers: We create an atmosphere where everyone feels free to share ideas, dare to ask and give help, and dare to try new things.
  • A transparent organization: We are transparent in what we do and communicate it clearly internally and externally.
  • A positive learner organization: We actively work on our own development, that of others and the team.
  • An organization where fun central! 

We strive to treat all job applications equally and we look beyond education level. As an organization, we believe in the value and respect of differences between people and we believe that everyone should have the space to be themselves. Social Enterprise NL is therefore working hard to become an inclusive organization. Because we attach great importance to diversity, we also explicitly invite people with a bi-cultural background to apply.  


What will you do?

  • You will collaborate on major projects, such as the organization of the annual congress Whether the program Dealing with the Municipality.
  • You contribute to the lobby towards the government. For example, you help organize working visits with politicians and you write blogs, for example about The ambitions of municipalities in fostering social entrepreneurship.
  • You will have the space for your own research where you can delve into a topic you encounter during your internship period that you find interesting.
  • You perform substantive and practical tasks. 


Who are you?

  • The world of social entrepreneurship interests you and you want to learn (more) about it.
  • You love writing, ranging from blogs and articles to a crisp email.
  • You enjoy combining substantive work (reading/writing) with doing (organizing meetings).
  • You get energy from working on big goals with a small team. Ambitions are big and not immediately within reach. You enjoy setting concrete intermediate goals together. 


What do we offer you?  

  • An internship starting in September 2023 of basically 5 months, for 4 or 5 days per week. Other arrangements are possible by mutual agreement.
  • An internship allowance of 400 euros per month for 5 days a week (40 hours). If you work less, the compensation is lower (for example, at 32 hours, 320 euros).
  • A workplace at our office in MidWest, a social enterprise from our network. You may also work partially from home.
  • The ability to fill in holidays freely.
  • A place where you get good guidance and work on your personal development. You will be supervised by a member of the team and will set learning goals together that you will discuss and evaluate periodically.


Would you like to join us?  
By June 5, send an email to jorien@social-enterprise.nlcontaining your CV and your views (350 words max) on the statement, "Every municipality should appoint a social entrepreneurship alderman."  

  • jorien@social-enterprise.nl
  • 4-9-2023
  • 31-1-2024
  • 31-7-2023
  • We help social entrepreneurs make more impact, including creating jobs for people who are long-term unemployed (SDG1 and 10). At Social Enterprise NL, we share a lot about social entrepreneurship in our communications: so you will regularly encounter the SDGs through that channel.

  • 32 to 40 hours per week
  • HBO/WO
  • yes