Internship or graduation at the Living Lab for Circular Transition

Internship Description

As a student in the Circular Transition Innovation Hub, the first week you attend an introduction with all the other students from different disciplines. The goal is to get to know each other well on a professional and personal level, building a foundation of trust. In that first week you will also get to know the different work field partners and urgent issues you can choose from. At the end of the first week, you will prepare a pitch in which you argue why which issue suits you best. After this, the teams are formed in consultation with each other. The themes on which we always have issues are:


  • Reducing the textile mountain (i.c.w. Midpoint Brabant)
  • Countering food waste (in cooperation with Foundation against Food Waste and Municipality of Meijerijstad)
  • Circular construction (i.c.w. Brainport Smart District and Ecodorp Boekel, among others)
  • Social Innovation within companies (i.c.w. Innovation House de Peel)


The strategic work field partners as listed under the themes do not change, but the specific companies/organizations you will solve an urgent issue with may change.


After you have chosen a theme and field partners, you and your team will work together to peel back the issue and arrive at relevant research questions. Not everyone on the team will be working on the same research question, but rather the set of research questions will lead to a better solution by looking for a solution from different disciplines.


You will be guided in the process by coaches and researchers from the Centre of Expertise for Sustainability & Circularity. The latter will also serve as experts ready to support in the research and the solutions you come up with as a student are another piece of the solution for the larger multi-year lines of research.

  • 28-8-2023
  • 26-1-2024
  • 21-8-2023
  • SDGs are the common thread in your internship or graduate program. You will work on social impact linked to the SDGs, but will also organize workshops/games based on the SDGs. Events will also be organized, where we want to make visible what we are doing through the SDGs.

  • 32-40
  • HBO/WO
  • yes