Internship placement: hands-on 3D printer & Product designer

Internship Description

About the internship

In this internship you will learn to work with our large 3D printers, and design your own product that you will then get to produce yourself. The assignment for your own design is very open, so you can use all your creativity here!

You will learn all about the different types of plastics, melting temperatures and how to print the most beautiful designs with our large 3D printers. Meanwhile, you get to work designing your own product. We will teach you to work with Rhino software so you can convert your design into code for the 3D printers. This way, at the end of your internship you will be able to make a prototype of your self-designed product.

About vanPlestik: recycling plastic into beautiful products

We are a young company with a mission: to create beautiful circular products, draw attention to the plastic problem and save as much plastic from the incinerators as possible. We have developed and built a 3D printer that uses plastic waste as raw material. Our printers allow us to locally recycle plastic into unique, high-quality and affordable objects such as chairs, tables and flower pots. We work with like-minded companies like HEMA, IKEA and Fairphone, and look forward to some great new projects in the near future! 

We work within a small but ambitious team, and you will be challenged to really contribute to the company. The atmosphere in the studio is very open and relaxed, and we have lunch together every day where all team members take turns providing a healthy lunch. 

  • 2-9-2024
  • 31-1-2025
  • 30-6-2024
  • We represent several SDGs in everything we do. During this internship, you will learn all about plastic recycling. While creating your design, we challenge you to think about its sustainability: how can materials be reused, and how do you connect different materials in a modular way? And while working with our 3D printers, you'll test different plastic waste streams to see how we can process them.

  • 32
  • WO mechanical engineering
  • yes