Intern (sustainable) entrepreneurship sought

Internship Description

'Textile dye made from our sea': 


The textile industry is, after oil, the most polluting industry in the world. This must and can be changed. Seaweed is a highly sustainable resource because it requires no fresh water, farmland or pesticides to grow. Different types of seaweed have been studied and a wide range of colors have been developed, from green and brown to pink and purple. 


''We want to establish a transparent local production chain to arrive at seaweed dye that the textile industry can buy.'' 

We want to map and set up the supply chain (BtB) of residual seaweed streams.

Look at issues such as what blue print, what suppliers, what business model.

We currently work with a Dutch-speaking team, but English is not a problem.

Where possible, we work digitally to keep the footprint as small as possible. Our locations are in Amsterdam, the Hague, Rotterdam and Zeeland.

We work with an internship fee,  an internship agreement and NDA.

The start date is negotiable.


  • 3-4-2023
  • 30-9-2023
  • 2-4-2023
  • We are working with various parties to identify residual streams of seaweed, industrial and from the beach, for processing into a dye, among other things.

    Replacing synthetic dyes with the raw material seaweed means no use of chemicals/pesticides. In addition, we do not use precious 9agriculture) land for growing our raw material.

    We work locally.

  • from 24 hours to 40 hours
  • HBO
  • yes