Sustainable development or SDG trainer / Coach

Internship Description

Hi upcoming TOPper!

We are from TOP (Training - Organization - People) and have existed since 1989; at that time mainly focused on (international) safety support, later quality and environment were added. we provide advice at policy level, process level and on the shop floor, operational level. we use within TOP the ADKAR principle (Awareness - Desire - Knowledge - Ability - Reinforcement). We at TOP are often part of a change process, large or small, and then these letters come into play. Now we are facing a very big change, saving our planet and that starts with creating awareness. How are we going to do that? We are going to build a training, an e-learning later supplemented with practical parts; start small, scale fast.

are you a driven, intelligent student with people skills with HBO or HBO+ level who wants to make the world aware of the "WHY" we need to change? then take this first step with us and let's start creating the need to change together. the goal is to set up a clear training and guide people in a simple way through the jungle of initiatives but also give them tools to take concrete actions today (or ahead then, tomorrow (-:)). SDG Netherlands & CSR Netherlands are important pillars.

we offer an internship with a remuneration to be negotiated, with a lot of personal input and independence but also the necessary support at the most beautiful place in Rotterdam!

  • 2-1-2023
  • 4-9-2023
  • 31-12-2022
  • All of TOP's services will be linked to the SDGs.

  • 24-40
  • WO - Sustainable development in marine engineering
  • yes