Terms of SDGs on Stage

SDGs on Internship is a free-to-use job posting platform where organizations can post internships related to (any of) the 17 SDGs.

SDGs on Stage shifts the responsibility for monitoring privacy laws and regulations to an organization the moment the organization receives an application through www.sdgsonstage.nl. The organization receiving the personal data from the intern takes responsibility at the time of receiving the data, for ensuring the privacy of that data.

SDG's on Stage is in no way liable for any damages of any kind.

For the processing of personal data, please refer to our Privacy Statement.

Job Application Tips!

When it comes time to find an internship, it's important that you can send a complete, relevant and strong resume with you to your new sustainable internship placement. But how do you make a good CV? To help you on your way to a (sustainable) internship, here are some tips.