Monitoring Biodoversity on 9hectare property in rural south of Portugal


My partner and I are working on a location for knowledge exchange between the Netherlands and Portugal on sustainable development, in one of the poorest and driest regions in Europe. We already  have working partnerships with Yuverta college, Aeres HBO and MBO, Technova College in the Netherlands, and with IP Beja and the University of Évora in Portugal.

It might be nice to say that we received more than 40 students here last year, spread over more than 22 weeks. They did their international internship, participated in the international SDG Challenge or other activities.

For example, an HBO student from AERES from Almere stayed with us for two months to draw up protocols for mapping biodiversity on our estate. Afterwards, 4 Applied Biology students from AERES MBO from Ede came to do a ten-week internship here to map all the flora and fauna. No easy cure on an estate of 90,000 m2…. Subsequently, in November, 20 ICT students from TechNova college in Ede came here for a work week, and they built four PoCs based on the data collected by the other students. They have worked on a database, input apps and a 3D representation of the vegetation on our estate (‘digital twinning’).
This not only gives us a good baseline measurement of biodiversity on our estate, but also the basis for a digital infrastructure has been developed, with which we can monitor developments and make them accessible for research in the future.
I suspect that this is a fairly unique collaboration between students of different levels and courses, with an interesting fusion between bio-diversity and ICT!

We have also expressed our ambitions and activities on our website

We are really looking for a (group of) students, who can do the next phase of monitoring of the biodiversity on our land, preferably during spring. This is because our land during wintertimes and spring is completely different from the summer and autumn. The first monitoring was done from the end of August until November, and then everything is dry. We want to have a second measuring in a period of the year when everything is green, and see what the differences are.

We offer free stay here on our property or in the village. Also, during free hours please feel free to enjoy the pool or relax in the sun (when we have no other guests of course).

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  • We value SDG4 and actively work on SDG15. 

    We also have a clear carbon compensation strategy, as well a social engagement strategy. 

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