IT Internship - Cyber Security

Studyportals is a fast-growing global online platform that helps students to find and compare their education options internationally. In several years of professional operation, it has grown into a popular platform amongst students worldwide, and into a leading position in the recruitment for universities across continents. The Digital Workplace (IT) team is currently looking for an intern to investigate how to further manage and improve the cyber security of the company in order to prevent and handle incidents better. We are looking for a model where we can see how we are doing it right now, and what our next step should be with regards to security. Note that we are using Microsoft 365 Security Centre and Microsoft 365 Compliance Centre, which should be a t the heart of your investigation. Risk analysis and risk management are priorities, for which the team is always looking for better ideas. Therefore, they need your help! If you want to know more, check out the full job description here:


Eindhoven, Netherlands

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