Impact Business Developer intern.

Internship Description

Are you the enthusiastic intern to join our team as an 'Impact Business Developer'? Are you available for 2 to 3 days a week for a fee of 300 EUR per month? Then read on! (deadline to respond is: May 24, 2024)

A brief introduction

Circles of Future Skills (hereafter COFS) has the mission to develop the skills of working people so that they can realize the challenges of the 21st century. Because, graduating and then sporadically attending a short training course is no longer enough in the rapidly changing society. We therefore offer SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) based trainings to companies or government organizations. Topics we work on are;

  • A diverse and inclusive workplace (SDGs 5 and 10)
  • Increasing and making visible the impact of organizations (read about a customer case) (SDG 11)
  • Promote human-centered AI and teach people to use it (SDGs 8 and 9)
  • Making diverse generations work better together in the workplace (SDGs 5 and 10)

In practice

Within the team at COFS, on the Berlin Square in Utrecht, I have room for an enthusiastic intern to join me as Impact Business Developer. By me I mean Rowan Hordijk, anthropologist and impact entrepreneur.

Together with several partners (other entrepreneurs), I have set up several companies in recent years. In this way, we tell young and senior working people about the challenges of the 21e century and how they can best address them. For example, we discuss with young civil servants in the Municipality of The Hague or Province of Flevoland how to work better with all generations in the workplace. Or we tell a large bank, university or college how to handle ChatGPT in a safe and ethical way. To larger diversity & inclusion issues for a well-known online retail company.

Our trainings are catching on and we are growing, which is why I could use some extra help right now! A talent with the ideal of making a positive impact on the world around you. Someone who is serious about making their future happen. An entrepreneurial doer and creative thinker is what I'm looking for. Something for you?

What will you do?

You will be working with me as a right hand man. You will have the opportunity to participate in scouting new assignments and potential clients, and you will be actively involved in topics that I am working on and that interest you. You will do this from a bustling workplace at my office, among other ZZP entrepreneurs in the heart of Utrecht, the Berlinplein. If you are willing and able, you will also go along to clients, cooperation partners and fun networking events. You will get a glimpse into the work and life of an entrepreneur, and learn about the various topics we are involved with.

So what can you expect during a week?

  • You attend an (online) sustainability event where you talk to (young) professionals about their challenges at work.
  • You read up on one of our propositions and are curious about how people learn new skills on the job.
  • You prepare for an important client appointment by gathering all necessary information and thinking of possible next steps.
  • You think creatively during a brainstorming session.
  • You spot new customers, make contact and generate potential customers (leads)
  • You will move around our office or on the road among colleagues, partners and potential clients.

And now you...

  • You are interested in sustainability, whether ecological or social!
  • You will walk with us for at least 3 months and hopefully 6 months or more.
  • You are following a MBO, HBO or WO education, the direction does not matter, as long as you are curious and open to learn more.
  • You are entrepreneurial by nature.
  • You have perseverance, are flexible and dare to take initiative.
  • You have good (oral and written) communication skills in Dutch. Should this also be in English, that is a bonus.

Did I manage to pique your interest?

Nice!!! However, do you still doubt whether you have 'the right' checkmarks and competences? Then send us your motivation! We look beyond your CV or LinkedIn profile to who you really are and what you are made of.

Send a message before May 24!

You can reach me by emailing or appending to;

  • Mail: ro***********@co**.nl
  • Tel: 06-20214491

Circles of Future Skills strives to #make the human touch in organizations by approaching change and learning/development processes from the human touch. We do this by teaching people future-oriented skills, based on a combination of their purpose, talents and the realization of value for the individual and the organization.

  • 3-6-2024
  • 20-12-2024
  • 24-5-2024
  • You'll learn more about our SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) based trainings. Topics we are working on include;

    • A diverse and inclusive workplace (SDGs 5 and 10)
    • Promote human-centered AI and teach people to use it (SDGs 8 and 9)
    • Making diverse generations work better together in the workplace (SDGs 5 and 10)
  • 16 to 24
  • Miscellaneous
  • yes